Corporate governance

Whistleblowing system

Our company encourages internal and external personnel to report dishonest or inappropriate behavior. Depending on the severity of the reported issue, rewards may be given. Internal personnel who submit false reports or make malicious accusations will face disciplinary action, and in severe cases, may be dismissed. We have established and announced independent whistleblowing mailboxes and hotlines on our company's website and internal website, or have entrusted other external independent institutions to provide whistleblowing mailboxes and hotlines for use by both internal and external personnel. Whistleblowers should provide at least the following information:

1. The whistleblower's name, ID number, and contact address, phone number, and email address.
2. The name of the person being reported or other identifying information about the individual.
3. Specific evidence that can be used for investigation.

The personnel handling the reported cases must provide a written statement ensuring the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity and the content of the report. The company also commits to protecting the whistleblower from any improper treatment as a result of their report. The dedicated unit within the company will handle the reports according to the following procedures:

1. If the report involves general employees, it should be reported to the department supervisor. If it involves directors or senior executives, it should be reported to the independent directors.
2. The company's dedicated unit and the supervisors or personnel mentioned above should immediately investigate the relevant facts. When necessary, the compliance or other relevant departments may provide assistance.
3. If the reported individual is confirmed to have violated relevant laws or the company's integrity management policies and regulations, they should be immediately required to cease the related behavior and face appropriate action. If necessary, legal action may be taken to seek compensation for damages to protect the company's reputation and interests.
4. If the report is verified to be true, the relevant units of the company should review the internal control systems and operational procedures, and propose improvement measures to prevent recurrence of similar behavior.
5. The company's dedicated unit should report the whistleblowing case, its handling, and subsequent improvement measures to the Board of Directors.

Channels for internal and external personnel to report illegal or unethical behavior : Phone : + 886 5 557 5555 / Email :