Category Focus on topics Communication channels and response methods Contact method
Shareholders and Investors Financial Information
Operational performance
Corporate Governance
Shareholders' Equity
1. Regularly disclose the company's financial performance through the stock exchange website and annual report, and review and analyze the operation and information.
2. Hold regular shareholder meetings to explain operational performance to investors and respond to concerns.
3. Simultaneously publish real-time important information on the stock exchange public information observatory and the company's website.
4. Set up an email mailbox and a contact number on the company's website to establish a smooth communication channel between investors and the company.
Speaker : General Manager Zhaopei Li
Acting Spokesperson : Huilun Huang, Accounting Supervisor
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Community and NGO Institutions
Corporate Governance and Legal Compliance
Regulatory compliance
Community Care and Giving Back
Environmental issues
1. Maintain good interaction with competent authorities and participate in relevant seminars.
2. Cooperate with the competent authorities to carry out various safety compliance inspections.
3. Sponsor community welfare activities.
4. Environmental safety communication and participation in the community to maintain a good relationship.
Client Customer service
Product quality and safety
Customer satisfaction
1. Cooperate with the customer's product, environment, responsibility and other requirements and inspections, and cooperate with prevention and continuous improvement.
2. Customer Satisfaction Survey.
3. Product quality management.
4. Customer complaint management system.
Suppliers Supplier management
Product quality and safety
Environmental protection and pollution control
1. Periodic evaluation of suppliers.
2. The incoming inspection sampling is monitored according to GP specifications.
Staff Employee Welfare Measures / Workplace Safety
employee communication
Education and Training / Talent Development
Performance appraisal
1. There are channels for employee communication and grievances and regular labor-management meetings.
2. Establish a complete salary and welfare system to give employees reasonable treatment and rewards.
3. Various educational and training courses are held regularly every year.
4. Annual performance appraisal.
Human Resources
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