Light guide column technology

Light guide light module

TD light guide module structure

TD headlight lighting technology adopts the light guide method. After the LED light source is fully reflected and converged through the light guide element, the cut-off line of light and dark is imaged in the front position through LENS. Because of the simple structure, it can solve the focusing problem of traditional PES modules. The displacement problem does not require a large amount of aluminum plating, and the required parts can be greatly reduced, increasing the yield and reducing the cost.

Road light comparison: road light comparison between PES light source module and light guide module structure

The width of the viewing angle of the far and near light type of automobiles and motorcycles is about 30 degrees or more.

Road light shape comparison car

Road lighting shape comparison locomotive

Efficiency comparison: PES light source module and light guide module structure efficiency comparison

The optical efficiency of TD light guide module is more than 20% higher than that of the industry

Automotive Optical Efficiency Comparison

Locomotive Optical Efficiency Comparison