TD uses 3D photographic scanning to measure car lamp parts, which can quickly and accurately measure the dimensional accuracy of the parts.

Zeiss 3D scanning equipment

Function: 3D detection and reverse archiving
Model: COMET L3D 8M
Measuring range volume: 325*240*200 mm3
Resolution : 3296x2472
Measurement accuracy: +/-0.01mm

Nikon CNC Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

Function: Non-contact 2.5D dimension measurement
Model : VMA-4540
Programmable measurement
Measuring range: XYZ 450*400*200
Measurement accuracy: 3μm

ZEISS CNC three-dimensional measuring instrument
Additional red laser scanning measurement function

Function: Contact and non-contact 3D dimension measurement
Model: CONTURA RDS 121810
Measuring range XYZ=1200*1800*1000 mm
Measurement Accuracy : Accuracy 2 μm
Load : 1200 kg

Keyence Conjugate Intersection Microscope

Function: Optical microstructure 3D dimension measurement
Model: VK-100K
Maximum magnification: 1200 times
Measuring range: within 7 mm of height difference
Measurement accuracy : 0.02 μm

Hommel Thickness Profiler

Function: Surface profile and roughness measurement
Model: T8000-RC120
Measuring range and accuracy:
X direction / accuracy : 120 mm / 0.1 μm
Z direction range: surface thickness ±600μm, outline 60mm

TOPCON BM-7A Luminance Chromaticity Measurement

Function: Surface luminance color measurement
Model: BM-7A
Measuring range : 0.0001 ~ 1,200,000 cd/m2
Measurement accuracy:
Brightness : ±2 of rdg
Chromaticity : ( x,y ) ±0.01

AMA Luminance Colorimetric Measurement CCD

Function: Surface luminance color measurement
Model: 400KC
Measuring range : 0.5nit ~ 100,000nit
Measurement accuracy:
Brightness: ±3%
Chroma : (x,y) ±0.005
Screen resolution: 765 x 510 pixels